TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

TZ Mountain Division activities support the mission of Teame Zazzu.

Each TZ member strives to be all they can be and have fun while doing it. Join Teame Zazzu!

Mountain Division
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OPERATION DOUBLE DECKER: Mission planning and situational awareness technology integration tests conducted between remote technicians and field operatives.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Gear - - Exercises - - Technology -
Newly developed mission planning and situational awareness technologies were integrated procedurally around a TZMD core 3-man ground operational element, and live-tested in a real-world environment

OPERATION WILDERNESS IN THE CITY: A full-scale urban-wilderness interface search and rescue exercise in conjunction with regional and state emergency responders to test planning, operational coordination and mass search and rescue operations.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Search and Rescue - - Exercises - - K9 -
Wilderness in the city was conducted at the Coal Creek Arena and adjoining Sand Creek Regional Greenway. TZK9 handlers observed SimCell participant roles and responsibilities as indicated by scenario controllers. TZMD operatives led Team and Agency players in direct action under exercise evaluation observers. An after-action report, participant feedback report, and Controller and Evaluator Debriefing was collected to conduct improvement planning for corrective action programs.

OPERATION FLANK STAKES: This live-fire exercise will simulate a rapidly deployed search and recovery mission in hostile territory by a squad-sized TZMD force utilizing areal and ground KAZI and ROV drone assets in a screen recon and force protection role.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Exercises - - Drones - - Rovers -
Operation Flank Stakes aims to safely train and reinforce learned tactics, test equipment and procedures, gain teamwork experience, and produce public outreach materials while conducting a simulated search and recovery mission to return a missing flight recorder from the encampment where it is held, while practicing leave-no-trace land management techniques. A patrol critique and after-action review will be presented to capture learning gained during the operation.

AIR HAVEN: Multiagency mass casualty evacuation and asset consolidation exercise
Keywords: - Readiness - - Exercises - - Flying - - Training -
Simulated casualties were triaged and first aid administered at collection points before critical cases were evacuated by helicopter to area hospitals. TZMD operators assembled at takeoff points with other emergency responders onto helicopters to consolidate response efforts at forward command centers.

TZMD-SAR OPERATION NIGHTCRAWLERS - TZ members conduct UAV and SAR operations to to locate and remove seriously injured and deceased victims as part of a multi-agency training exercise.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Exercises - - SAR - - Search and Rescue -
TZ members located murder victims and maintain a security perimeter during SAR operations.

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