Tactics, Techniques and Procedures are constantly improving in the realm of small unit emergency response. In the interest of improving TZ Critical Incident Response TZRD has conducted a After Action Review (AAR) of the Critical Incident Response(CIR)conducted by Law Enforcement first responders. This intelligence product was compiled with information drawn from multiple souces including the Regional Organized Crime Information Center's "Special Research Report:War on Cops."

From the ROCIC report - "On Sunday, July 17, only ten days after the Dallas shootings, the 911 call came into Baton Rouge P.D. dispatch, a frantic message about “a dude with a rifle” loitering around the B-Quik convenience store. The site was less than a mile southeast of police headquarters on Airline Highway. Local cops frequented the car wash, the convenience store, and gas station on a regular basis. The buildings were flanked on one side by a fitness center and on the other by a beauty supply store. The subject of the call, wearing a ski mask and body armor, parked his Chevy Malibu rental car near the beauty supply store and strode over to a parked police car at the adjacent convenience store. Looking for officers, Long parked his car at a beauty supply store just before 9:00 am.

He approached a parked patrol car at the convenience store, only to find it empty. Long returned to his car and drove it behind the fitness expo before making his way back to the beauty supply store.

He shot two police officers, leaving one dead and the other crawling toward the back of the store. A third officer took cover behind a dumpster. He tried to rescue the wounded officer but he was killed by the shooter.

Long jumped a wall and ran past the convenience store and car wash. Long wounded two deputies, one in his patrol car. A SWAT team member shot and killed him out from more than 100 yards away.

Timeline of Events
Police Ambush 9600 Block of Airline Hwy.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sun., July 17, 2016

Shooter: Gavin E. Long (killed by police)

Casualties: 3 officers killed, 3 wounded
Regional Organized Crime Information Center
Special Research Report - War on Cops

He brandished a semi-automatic bullpup-style rifle, carried a Stag Arms M4 variant rifle, plus a 9mm handgun. The patrol unit was empty. The rifleman spotted another patrol car at the car wash. He drove over and parked his car behind the fitness center, but by the time he walked to the unit, the officer had left.

The gunman began stalking the vicinity and other patrol units began arriving, responding to 911 calls, including units from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff ’s Office. The gunman was named Gavin Long. Turning the front corner of the beauty supply store, Long spotted his first targets: Baton Rouge Police Officers Matthew Gerald and Montrell Jackson.

Without hesitation, the assassin shot both men with his IWI Tavor SAR 5.56mm rifle, leaving one dead and the second crawling toward the back of store.

A sheriff ’s deputy, Brad Garafola, taking cover behind a dumpster at the store with his gun drawn, tried to rescue his wounded fellow officer only to run face-to-face into the shooter. The shooter took aim, killing the deputy in a hail of gunfire. The deputy went down shooting.

Long then noticed the wounded city police officer on the ground and with vicious brutality fired two close-range shots.

Two and a half minutes after the initial 911 call, police radio traffic indicated that they did not know where the shooter was located. Three and a half minutes after that, police indicated they had located the shooter. Repeatedly, urgent calls went out for a SWAT BearCat armored personnel carrier to respond.

With three officers down, another city police officer caught Long’s attention as he rounded his way back behind the beauty supply store. Long stopped, turned and shot, wounding the officer before heading around back, jumping a wall, and running past the convenience store and the car wash.

There, Sheriff ’s Deputy Nicholas Tullier, 41, had returned to his police car after getting the license plate from Long’s rental vehicle.

Long fired directly into the car, hitting Tullier in the head and stomach, walking ever closer as he pulled the trigger, before exchanging gunfire with Deputy Bruce Simmons, who went down with a shot to the shoulder.

Before Long could go any further, a shot rang out from more than 100 yards away and killed him, ending the killing spree. He had been felled by a SWAT team member. It was a textbook maneuver by the SWAT team and “a helluva shot,” said Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie Jr."

Public intelligence

Before Long could go any further, a shot rang out from more than 100 yards away and killed him, ending the killing spree.
TZRD works with all TZ Divisions to improve TTP's and recognizes the ultimate sacrifice of the law enforcement officers who were killed during this response while protecting our communities and safeguarding innocent lives. Go Teame!

All activities conducted by Teame Zazzu are operated under officially designated TZ Departments, each of which performs authorized coordinated action in conjunction with interdepartmental support units as determined by mission profiles, research orders, committee requests, maintenance requirements, unit traditions, and in accordance with lawful orders issued by properly designated legal authorities, training interfaces and partner agencies

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