Colin Wiest, TZ.SEC-7 TZA TZMD TZMP was killed in a high-speed collision incident while executing emergency evasive course correction during vehicle test maneuvers in the southern Utah desert. The Incident occured near St. George on October 25th, 2014 at 37° 00' 02.9" N ; 113° 33' 41.5" W . an elevation of 2880 feet shortly after 1600 hrs.

As the Corvette crossed the threshold of the River road structure on SR-7, the vehicle became airborne and crashed into the guardrail, lodging beneath it and sliding approx. 200 feet. The Guardrail pierced the vehicle and impacted Wiest's neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A subsequent TZTSB redacted report determined that the probable cause for this event was due to surface irregularities and traction loss due to maintenance failure at the threshold, and recommended appropriate safety precautions to be put in place for all future vehicle test procedures.

On November 15th 2014 the Sector 7 Leadership Award Morale Patch was retired in his honor.

In April 2015 The 6th month anniversary of his death was marked with a 2-minute silence corresponding to a simultaneous F-15 flyover during TZ Operation Gunlocke Trend.

On August 10th 2015 TZ Sector 7 Honor Guards were authorized to make random resting place inspections and stand ceremonial watch detail.

Colin was there for others. Colin was there for me. He drove me to Parowan and we loaded my bedroom furniture in his truck. A year later I was moving and sold it...

Colin let me sleep on his bed my last few days there while he slept on his living room floor. After I moved and in the couple of months before he passed, we had multiple long phone calls. I'm grateful for that.

Through breakups, depression and just whining, Colin would always listen, but never make me feel like a burden- quite the contrary. Colin was old fashioned in the best ways. He was born in the wrong decade...he wrote notes in calligraphy, liked old movies/music/cars and was a true gentleman. Colin was laid back, but motivated! We talked about life goals and wishes...we talked about everything. Colin was truly a man of great caliber. I want to be more like Colin.

You were the gathering place for our closest friends

Hope we are making you proud.

I have worked dozens of rotations in the field with Colin in his capacity as a Field Specialist. Colin's duties included kinetic crisis de-escalation, logistical support, topographical navigation as well as a host of other skills required in the current operational environment.

I have worked alongside Colin in the field and as his direct supervisor. Colin has consistently been a dependable and competent Field Specialist with a depth of knowledge about the wilderness and exploiting resources with minimal support infrastructure. Colin has been consistent in his timeliness, punctuality, focus and ethical conduct with clients and staff. Colin has been an example to other team members in always displaying a strong work ethic and ability to operate and complete tasks without the need for supervision, often in situations that required good judgement and confident execution within a tenuous line of operation.

Colin's ability to build rapport stands always next to his excellent adherence to procedural operations and a self-initiative that stems from his apparent desire to not only complete his work and protect his clients, but to excel at both a professional and personal level. Colin is a professional who consistently asks the best of himself and leads through demonstrable action and integrity. I have always been confident placing the safety of myself and my clients under Colin's supervision

You are always in my heart and I remember you with every tear.

I enjoyed our time together on the mountain and memories I will never forget... You will be missed.

So glad God placed him in my life. Colin was an amazing listener and advice giver. I'll miss you Colin. Thank you for being so sweet and awesome!

Since you died, I want you to know, I've actively taken steps to become a better man. I want you to know that I didn't give up on my dreams just because you aren't here to tell me they're attainable and to push me in the right direction.

I want so badly to tell you about how hard I've been working, about how I wasted no time picking up the broken pieces of my life after you left us so that I could be more like you

He went out with his boots on. He was a great friend to all.

I just saw some pictures of people repelling and it reminded me of when we went together

He will be missed. Colin Wiest was a wonderful person... Great sense of humor, smart, kind and adventurous. We didnt know we were making great memories, we just knew we were having fun.

He was one of those special people who was meant to help others. I have found memories of my weeks spent with him in the wilderness, as I'm sure all my other EQ mountain friends do as well. Rest in peace Colin.

He was a good man and a great missionary. I just wanted to let whoever checks this know he was respected and appreciated.

I Surely miss you and I promise to hit my goals so you can be proud of my achievement

You were dearly beloved and one of the brightest stars in my life. I will miss you.

Colin was good. Good in the sense that he was so good to everyone he met.

I never once heard him say a negative thing about anyone. He always spun it in a positive direction. He was a real friend, too. He was one of those people that was so relatable because he was just himself.

Colin was talented, smart, and funny. I remember so many occasions where he would listen to me when I was upset. He just cared.

I felt like I was in a Wild West adventure. He had a bunch of paper targets and cans in his truck bed.

We set them all up and then he let me shoot his .22. I was a really good shot with that little thing! He was so encouraging.

He showed me how to handle everything safely, and then he pulled out this big ol thing with a scope on it… I couldn't shoot it without getting popped in the shoulder, so I was pretty happy to just watch him do his thing.

The people that traveled to celebrate your life is astonishing. From Missouri, Texas, Colorado, and Salt Lake. You were such a loved man and accomplished so much in your life.

Colin Wiest you will be missed my friend. I'll miss our talks and debates. I'll miss the many shenanigans you did with my husband and I'll miss watching you play with my kids.

It was hard to know Colin without considering him your brother! He was a straight arrow and a solid person.

Colin Wiest or Colin commander pro as I was introduced to him. My heart is heavy for you and your family I hope that u can find peace

I had the privilege of serving with Colin in Portugal, and he was an absolutely amazing example of selflessness and service to others. He always had a smile and genuine concern for others, no matter what adversity he may have been faced with in his own life.

I know that life is unpredictable and that you never know what could happen tomorrow, but make the most of what you can control. I say all this with a heavy heart, another of my great mentors passed away this weekend.

RIP Colin Wiest you helped me through an exceptionally difficult time in my life. You taught me to live in the present moment and also how to make a sling out of leather and throw a rock 200 yards.

Possibly one of the most badass guys i've had the pleasure to meet during my time

A good straight man who our family found fun and dependable-we will miss for a little while a friend of our sons who we were glad to include and call our friend too- stay busy Colin and enjoy the scenery