TZMD engaged in a integrated-division exercise with TZ Fashion Division to support Teame moral building and emergency response skills for all members.

TZFD brought desire and a strong willingness while building abilities to engage targets during moving & covering live fire exercises.

That's a whole ******* different scenario, Bro.
TZMD utilized iron-sights to strike binary explosive targets while utilizing a variety of small arms and fire team tactics and conducted a critical incident response. Go Teame! Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operations in the most extreme and isolated environments, from alpine downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

TZMD GUN & FUN: TZ Mountain Division got together for a day of target practice at the Family Shooting Center!
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TZ mentors helped all participants practice proper form, breathing, sighting, and trigger control techniques during the event

GLACIER SLIDE: Rapid high-altitude maneuvers on ice, snow, and rock
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TZ members stay ready for anything, including non-traditional rapid maneuver techniques Balance and timing is key if you want to move in safety... and when there is no time left to lose, practice is the only thing that can make a difference.

INDEPENDENCE SHADOW: Live-fire practice manuever and ingress/egress in contested environments
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Silent Maneuvers and sudden contact procedures are an essential Mountain Division skill. TZMD members practiced ingress and egress maneuvers in wet, silent, and hot environments. With trained K9 units, TZMD moved swiftly through the mosquito-infested terrain. Safe movements were combined with a rapid tempo to simulate real-world problems.

VERTICAL TRAINING: TZMD practices climbing, rappelling, and technical rescue skills in a variety of rock types, pitches, environments, and rigging situations.
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Whether it's finding solid anchors in questionable terrain, rigging a system to fit a unique situation, or improvising with less-than optimal gear choices, there is always another unique problem to solve when you go vertical.

TZ UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS: To operate in tight quarters, low light environments with K9 units, Drone division assets, and Aquanautics support, TZ mountain division trains for cave and cavern entry, drainage and sewer tunnel excavation, and access tunnel clearance and control.
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In claustrophobic darkness and dangerous spaces, control of autonomic response, adherence to procedure, and experience is key to successful operations. K9 units and ROV units require special handling, preparation, and exposure training to operate underground.

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