Mountain Division hikers conduct a bi-annual climb to to the summit of Mt Timpanogas, the second highest peak in Utah.

The 15 mile round trip journey follows the Timpooneke trail through wilderness area, ascending 4500 feet to a summit elevation of 11752 ft. Notable features include Emerald Lake, rocky slopes, waterfalls, spectacular wildflower fields, and a high-elevation glacier. The high-altitude climb is great conditioning for TZMD members.

Catch your breath!
A shack in the center of the summit ridge marks the objective, and features a view of of the entire valley below. Mountain Division members descend back along the rugged peak trail, or slide 1300 feet down the glacier to Emerald lake. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operations in the most extreme and isolated environments, from alpine downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

TZ UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS: To operate in tight quarters, low light environments with K9 units, Drone division assets, and Aquanautics support, TZ mountain division trains for cave and cavern entry, drainage and sewer tunnel excavation, and access tunnel clearance and control.
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In claustrophobic darkness and dangerous spaces, control of autonomic response, adherence to procedure, and experience is key to successful operations. K9 units and ROV units require special handling, preparation, and exposure training to operate underground.

OPERATION DOUBLE DECKER: Mission planning and situational awareness technology integration tests conducted between remote technicians and field operatives.
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Newly developed mission planning and situational awareness technologies were integrated procedurally around a TZMD core 3-man ground operational element, and live-tested in a real-world environment

GLACIER SLIDE: Rapid high-altitude maneuvers on ice, snow, and rock
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TZ members stay ready for anything, including non-traditional rapid maneuver techniques Balance and timing is key if you want to move in safety... and when there is no time left to lose, practice is the only thing that can make a difference.

JUMP & THUMP - Skydive out of a plane and SCUBA dive into a plane during live fire exercises
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How many different pressures can your ears take in a single day? Skydiving, Scuba, Underground, Underwater, Night and Day, Jump and Thump participants plugged their ears and listened for the next challenge to face during non-stop live-fire operations"

OPERATION ZEPHYR: Extreme weather emergency response
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Coordinated emergency disaster response in the aftermath of a tornado touchdown reproduced damage occurring in a residential community after thunderstorms formed a rapidly moving squall line and spun an F-2 tornado. Local volunteers activated to respond to the incident were placed under TZ command elements and dispatched as a rapid reaction force designated Alpha Team.

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