During the course of Operation Double Decker , Mountain Division tested remote operational interface procedures for various other TZ departments and local agency officers performing in various capacities.

Newly developed mission planning and situational awareness technologies were integrated procedurally around the core 3-man team ground operational element, and live-tested in a real-world live-fire environment where signals interruption and organizational overlaps between departments and agencies could occur.

We had two lucky situations and a little double decker!
Layered technological insights allowed operatives to engage multiple views on the subject areas. Feedback obtained from after-action reviews added to lessons learned during the course of the operation. TZMD operators were able to improve their own field performance with the new tools, and TZ Research and Development technicians gained valuable insight into creating best practices and design improvements. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operations in the most extreme and isolated environments, from alpine downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

VERTICAL TRAINING: TZMD practices climbing, rappelling, and technical rescue skills in a variety of rock types, pitches, environments, and rigging situations.
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Whether it's finding solid anchors in questionable terrain, rigging a system to fit a unique situation, or improvising with less-than optimal gear choices, there is always another unique problem to solve when you go vertical.

TIMP TOP: Mountain Division hikers conduct a bi-annual climb to to the 11752-foot summit of Mt Timpanogas
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A shack in the center of the summit ridge marks the objective, and features a view of of the entire valley below. Mountain Division members descend back along the rugged peak trail, or slide 1300 feet down the glacier to Emerald lake.

OPERATION HARDSHAFT: Coordinated underground operations conducting an ROV-assisted tunnel complex safety survey
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Drone Division utilized a TZ.ROV.V.5 drone to scout and tunnels and gauge ground stability for armed TZMD operators. Teame members then moved through the tunnels clearing mine shafts and marking hazards. TZMD operators successfully secured the tunnel complex during underground operations and egressed the area under cover of darkness after hoist recovery of the TZ.ROV.V.5 drone unit.

TZMD COUPLES TRAINING: Enhanced cohesion and anticipatory improvisation skills development
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TZMD Couples Training is designed to enhance situational awareness, anticipatory improvisation and unit cohesion. In crisis remediation, a couple that trains is the couple that remains. Training together allows couples efficient emergency response skills by mitigating friction and improving teamwork protocols and tactical adjustment.

OPERATION ZEPHYR: Extreme weather emergency response
Keywords: - Readiness - - Weather - - Tornado - - Search and Rescue - - Disaster - - Exercises -
Coordinated emergency disaster response in the aftermath of a tornado touchdown reproduced damage occurring in a residential community after thunderstorms formed a rapidly moving squall line and spun an F-2 tornado. Local volunteers activated to respond to the incident were placed under TZ command elements and dispatched as a rapid reaction force designated Alpha Team.

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