TZMP - Drone Division completed test maneuvers of Drone Division land and air based assets utilizing asymmetrical reflective transmissions to operate multiple drones simultaneously through an interdependent use of a single handheld radio device and Full Motion Video live downlink situated in seperate drone platforms.

TZMP Drone Division personnel successfully utilized 'signal reflection' techniques to control both air and land assets via one controller. Reflective transmission involves tasking the 'Kazi' UAV via electro-optical object recognition to the TZ.ROV.V.5 ground drone allowing the drone pilot to utilize the ROV's PWM wave 2.4 GHZ radio signal to control both drone assets simultaneously.

Ride it, Rove it, fly it! Use the UAV to drive the Rover & use the Rover to fly the drone... and don't stop pedaling either!
By tasking the Kazi UAV to the ground ROV the Drone operator was able to pilot both the aerial and ground drones and utilize the 1080p FMV live downlink to also pilot the ROV without direct line of sight. This technique allows the drone operator to maintain cover and concealment while utilizing the ROV in a force protection role. Utilizing asymmetrical deployment control and observation procedures allows operators to use interdependent signal exploitation to maximize asset capabilities. Go Teame!

All activities conducted by Teame Zazzu are operated under officially designated TZ Departments, each of which performs authorized coordinated action in conjunction with interdepartmental support units as determined by mission profiles, research orders, committee requests, maintenance requirements, unit traditions, and in accordance with lawful orders issued by properly designated legal authorities, training interfaces and partner agencies

TZK9 MULTIDOG MUSH: TZK9 pack members ride out together during mounted patrol training.
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Increasing levels of cooperative training steadily improve each pack members performance over time.

OPERATION SNOWDRIFT: Tracked emergency response vehicles for rescuing stranded detached groups are used during active field operations during extreme winter conditions.
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TZ operatives coordinated with emergency response personnel to conduct high-hazard rescues of operational groups in the wilderness environment. Blizzard conditions neutralized 4x4 transport vehicles and pinned groups down during the night.

SNOWY GETAWAY: A weekend of winter exercises atop snowmobiles riding in formation in mountain terrain.
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Mounted Patrol team members practiced safe equipment handling, winter navigation, passenger protocols, and mounted search and rescue response on snowmobiles at various speeds and inclines.

DEEP END DOGS: It's a big training day for all eligible K9 trainees when they move from shallow water to immersion training.
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After familiarization exercises in rivers, streams, and shallow pools, the K9 units are moved to indoor TZK9 deep pool facilities and don their lifejackets. It's important that trainers avoid causing anxiety or traumatic reactions while the animals take to the water and make their first swim.

HI LINE CONVOY: World-class vehicles in a close convoy maneuver exercise with flanking motorcycle elements
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Safety and road situational awareness were key factors in this patrol. Teame members practiced good radio communication and defensive driving techniques.

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