Team Zazzu Mountain Division trains to operate in tight quarters, low light environments. With K9 units, Drone division assets, and Aquanautics support, TZ mountain division trains for cave and cavern entry, drainage and sewer tunnel excavation, and access tunnel clearance and control

In claustrophobic darkness and dangerous spaces, control of autonomic response, adherence to procedure, and experience is key to successful operations.

Watch your back. Dark in there.
K9 units and ROV units require special handling, preparation, and exposure training to operate underground Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conductiong operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

TZ-SAR RESCUE RETREAT: Mountain Division embeds with civilian medical air crews for readiness training
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TZ Search & Rescue completed certification of readiness training as well as continued to develop UAV operations at SAR conference

TZMD-SAR: OPERATION PRONGHORN in cooperation with Federal, State and local first responders as a part of a multi-disciplinary Search and Rescue exercise
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Operation Pronghorn was conducted in cooperation with Federal, State and local first responders as a part of a multi-disciplinary Search and Rescue exercise. A vehicle related to the shooting has been located and a search is conducted.

OPERATION RUMBLE IN THE ROCKIES: Multi-agency mass casualty exercise for Mountain Division members
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Operation Rumble In the Rockies was a multi-discipline multi-agency mass casualty exercise involving federal, state and local first responders

TZMD GUN & FUN: TZ Mountain Division got together for a day of target practice at the Family Shooting Center!
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TZ mentors helped all participants practice proper form, breathing, sighting, and trigger control techniques during the event

TZMD-SAR OPERATION NIGHTCRAWLERS - TZ members conduct UAV and SAR operations to to locate and remove seriously injured and deceased victims as part of a multi-agency training exercise.
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TZ members located murder victims and maintain a security perimeter during SAR operations.

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