TZ Mountain Division got together for a day of target practice at the Family Shooting Center!

TZ mentors helped all participants practice proper form, breathing, sighting, and trigger control techniques during the event

Shooting was awesome! After Party was hot! Thx everyone!
After the final brass had hit the ground, teame members hit the afterparty to cool down in the hot tub. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conductiong operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

VERTICAL TRAINING: TZMD practices climbing, rappelling, and technical rescue skills in a variety of rock types, pitches, environments, and rigging situations.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Search and Rescue - - Climbing -
Whether it's finding solid anchors in questionable terrain, rigging a system to fit a unique situation, or improvising with less-than optimal gear choices, there is always another unique problem to solve when you go vertical.

BLANK CHASE: Mountain Division members and their K9 companions conducted a rapid training exercise on snowshoes and spikes in winter conditions.
Keywords: - Readiness - - - - K-9 - - Snow -
Mountain Division teams practice tracking wildlife and human footprints in snow and ice, safe ascent and descent on ice and snow, winter responder safety training, winter K9 handling scenarios and gear.

OPERATION GUNLOCK TREND: Multi-terrain training for Mountain Division members and K-9 pack members on water, land, and rock
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Operation Gunlock Trend capped off a week of exercises in honor of Sector 7 Leader Colin Weiss. TZ achieved several benchmarks in coordinated maneuvers with K-9 units, including a mile run-swim and water introductory course.

TZ-SAR RESCUE RETREAT: Mountain Division embeds with civilian medical air crews for readiness training
Keywords: - Readiness - - Search and Rescue - - -
TZ Search & Rescue completed certification of readiness training as well as continued to develop UAV operations at SAR conference

OPERATION WILDERNESS IN THE CITY: A full-scale urban-wilderness interface search and rescue exercise in conjunction with regional and state emergency responders to test planning, operational coordination and mass search and rescue operations.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Search and Rescue - - Exercises - - K9 -
Wilderness in the city was conducted at the Coal Creek Arena and adjoining Sand Creek Regional Greenway. TZK9 handlers observed SimCell participant roles and responsibilities as indicated by scenario controllers. TZMD operatives led Team and Agency players in direct action under exercise evaluation observers. An after-action report, participant feedback report, and Controller and Evaluator Debriefing was collected to conduct improvement planning for corrective action programs.

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