Congratulations! You've just survived an emergency hard landing. Now, you must survive until rescuers can find you. You have only the supplies you carry with you on any given day, and what you can salvage from a damaged aircraft. You can't remain at this LZ -- So now you you need to work together as a team -- to make shelter, find water, build fire, and signal for help. Keep your wits about you, take control of your mental attitude, and leave your fear of the unknown behind.

Flight team would descend from drop point to South side draw to find H2O source and camp (support crew access is down the road to the end of the draw)

Can you survive this?
Dirt roads above the basecamp are very rugged and all ATVs must be at the staging area and out of the camps by 2100 Additionally, ATVs should be shut down for the night and personnel in basecamp by 2130.

Survival Challenge Location -- North Willow Canyon Go Teame!